Are you considering buying an existing business?

Questions you might want to ask:

Why is this business for sale?

Are the company’s revenues rising or declining? If declining, what is needed to improve them?

What is the company’s financial status? Ask for financial statements of the last three years (Profit and Loss statements and  income tax statements.)

What current debts does the company have? Are there any liens against the business?

Is this business an Owner-Operator or an Absentee Owner?

How many employees do you have?

What is the target market for the business? Is that market growing, stable or shrinking?

Does the business rely too heavily on a few key customers? What would happen if those customers left?

What marketing methods does the business use? Which are most and least effective?

Does the company own or lease its location(s)? What are the terms of the lease? Can I take over the lease where you left off or do I renew it? How much is the lease per month?

How many square feet is the business?

Does the business own or lease its equipment?


Working with Supreme One Business Brokers was a great experience! They were very knowledgeable and took the stress off of me.


You seemed like you really wanted to sell us the business that was right for us and give us the best chance to be successful. Some brokers seem to just want to sell whatever they can.

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We purchased a business for the first time. Troy was very professional and was very helpful in the entire process. I would be very happy to use his service again.


Troy is able to save me time and energy and deliver only qualified people that appear to be a good fit for our business. I would recommend him to other business owners or buyers.



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We will strive to connect seriously interested buyers with sellers who are ready to take a step back from their existing business.


We love matching the right people with the right businesses

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